leptophylla (L.) Link, Fil. Pl. Polybotrya asplenifolia (Bory) Presl., Tent. (L. f.) Kuntze, Revis. 1810. 1775. 1976;P. K. Rajagopal & K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. lobata sensu Bedd., Handb. 8 : 1825;P. K. Rajagopal & K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. Vernacular names/Common names: Fan. Considerable section of Western Ghats, about 400 km long, passes through the state of Karnataka and about 60 percent of the Ghats lie in Karnataka. Microsorum pteropus (Blume) Copel. 1 : 37. ex Hook.) Mus. Athyrium pectinatum Bedd., Fems S. India 51, t. 155. And among the first of the plants to truly live on land were the Pteridophytes. 30: 283. 1862, Aspidium gracilescens Blume. 162. Paris 6: 177. Fl. concolor Langsd. Anisogonium esculenta (Retz.)C. Selaginella tenera (Hook. Selaginella repanda (Desv. Fl. The sexuality of pteridophyte gametophytes can be classified as follows: These terms are not the same as monoecious and dioecious, which refer to whether a seed plant's sporophyte bears both male and female gametophytes, i. e., produces both pollen and seeds, or just one of the sexes. 5: 114. 172. Bory, 1849;Bedd., Ferns Brit. 212. Pyrrosia lanceolata (L.) Farw., Amer. A. [3], Furthermore, within the Polypodiopsida, the largest grouping, a number of informal clades were recognised, including leptosporangiates, core leptosporangiates, polypods (Polypodiales), and eupolypods (including Eupolypods I and Eupolypods II). ed. Bedd. Karnataka (Chikkamagaluruu, Kodagu), Kerala, Tamil Nadu; Sri Lanka. Fil. Wiss., ser. Malays 2: 486. 197. 2013. 8 (1) : 15. 2: 1072. Asplenium normale D. Don, Prodr. Senckenb. Source | Credits | Picture Credits: NCERT General Science Origin Of Life on Earth The universe is very old - almost 13 billion years old. Pl. pro Pteris quadriaurita Retz.,Observ. 1861. 77(3): 541. 15:22.1998. ed. Asplenium ensiforme Wall. Jersey fern (English). : 127. 15:22.1998. Pteris scabripes Wall. Microlepia speluncae (L.) Moore, Index Fil. One who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding. (2014): forest region of Sirsi taluk. Karnataka (Chikkamagaluru, Dakshina Kannada, Hassan, Kodagu, Shimoga), Kerala, Tami Nadu; China?, Indo-China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka. 1. Campteria biaurita (L.) Hook., Gen. Fil. Filic. R.M.K. Chin. Ferns. 1800 (2) : 109. ex Hook.) Pronephrium  & Fisch.) 1864. Isoetes coromandelina L. f., Suppl. London 3: 41, t. 8, f. 1. The tree ferns, giant horsetails and arborescent lycopods dominated the swampy landscapes of those ancient ages. Adiantum latifolium Lam., Encyc. 1768; Rajagopal &  K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. pro parte. Fan Mem. Rajagopal &  K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. Copel., Philip. Bot. Karnataka (Dakshina Kannada, Kodagu, Shimoga, Udupi), Himalayas; Africa, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Indian Ocean islands, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Guinea, Polynesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam. 15:22.1998. Polystichum tripinnatum Goldm., Nephrodium otaria (Kunze ex Mett.) Hydrophytes and marsh plants of Mysore City and neibhouring areas. Indian Fern J. 5: 534.1804. 15:5.1998. Karnataka (Chamarajanagar, Chikkamagaluru, Kodagu, Shimoga, Uttara Kannada); Bhutan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Guinea, Pacific Island, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. 1868. Iwats., Fac. in Griff., Calcutta J. Nat. Leptochilus axillaris (Cav.) Asplenium nidus L. var. 2 Vishnu Mukri 1 M.D. Loxogramme involuta (D. Don) Presl, Tent. 1868. 1981, Isoetes reticulata Gena & Bhardwaja, J. Bombay Nat. 1891;P. K. Rajagopal &  K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. Fiftyfive per cent of the genera and sixteen per cent of the species of Pteridophytes of India are represented in Karnataka. 74 : 325. non (Blume) Copel. Fems Brit. Nephrolepls cordifolla (L.) Presl, Tent. 1867  pro parte,C. Bot. Pteridophyta is a group of ancient plants. 1864. 1974;P. K. Rajagopal  &  K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. Karnataka (Chikkamagaluru, Hassan, Kodagu, Shimoga), S & N India; Sri Lanka, Trigonospora ciliata (Wall. 1876 nec. Asplenium with 16 species is the largest genus followed by 15:4 1998. Natl. 1998. & Arn., Bot.Capt. Ind. 16 : 70. Hence another name for it is Cryptogams. Pl. Pteridophytes are the first true land plants: It is speculated that life began in the oceans, and through millions of years of evolution, life slowly adapted on to dry land. Nat. Fl. 1753; P.K. Lindsaea heterophylla Dryand., Trans. Zeit. Karnataka (Chamarajanagara), Himalayas, S India; E & SE Asia. Egenolfia appendiculata (Willd.) J. 15:10.1998. Cult. (Bot.) 15:17.1998. Karnataka (Chikkamagaluru),Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Kerala, Maharashtra,Punjab,Tamil Nadu; Africa,  Australia, Brazil, Europe, Iran, Mediterranean, Mexico, New Zealand, Sri Lanka. Brit. Lindsaea malabarica (Bedd.) 15:20.1998. 1(7): 456. Sci. Rajagopal &  K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. 4:  511. Trichomanes minutum Blume, Enum. (Nat. 1830. J.Sm.in Hook., J. Bot.4: 150. 147, t.1, f. 10. 1753. 141. 1998. Blatter and d'Almeida (1922) have included the ferns of North Kanara, then a part of Bombay Presidency in their "Ferns of Bombay"; 90 species of ferns have been included by them as distributed in Uttara Kannada District. Trichomanes kurzii  Bedd, Ferns Brit. Nepal. The important characteristics of Pteridophytes are summarized below: 15:18.1998. 1866. aureofiava (Hook) Weath. Fil. (Bot.) Fil. 1841. Leptochilus decurrens Blume, Enum. Lycopodium bryopteris Wall., Cat. Vernacular name/Common name: 1844, non Poir. Karnataka  (Chikkamagaluru, Kodagu), throughout India in mountainous regions; Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam. 150, t. 4. Soc. Fil. Karnataka (Chikkamagaluru, Kodagu), E Himalayas, S India; Africa, Australia, tropical America. Trichomanes chinense L., Sp. 2 : 1089. 15:15.1998. 1998. Schizoloma  Sri Lanka. Acrostichum lanceolalum L., Sp.Pl. 1883. 15. Microgonium 6: 133, t. 5, f. 12–13. 12: 250. 2005. Ophioglossum  Copel., Philipp. Hist. However, this lacuna was filled up by Rajagopal and Bhat (1998) who took up the work of extensive collection of pteridophytes of  Karnataka State, during 1991-96 and prepared the thesis entitled 'Ferns and fern-allies of Karnataka State- A Taxonomical Study". 148. Nat. Spec. 15:5.1998. India 147. Asplenium radiatum Sw., in  Schrud. They are preserved in the form of fossils or coal deposits. Senckenb. 10(6): 338. Kruid. 67(1): 60. 1753. 1934. J. Sci. : 386. Aspidium polymorphum Wall. They are plants with root, stem and leaves, but no flower, fruit and seeds. 15:10.1998. 1934; P. K. Rajagopal &  K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. 1876 non Fil. Karnataka (Chamarajanagara, Chikkamagaluru, Hassan, Kodagu, Mysore, Shimoga, Uttara   Kannada), throughout India in mountainous regions; Bhutan, China, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan Thailand, Vietnam. Poecilopteris repanda non (Blume) Presl. Trichomanes Reipubl. 1938. 109. Bot. Polypodium lanceolatum L., Sp. 109: 351, f. 30A. & P. V. kannada Meaning: ಬಳ್ಳಿ, ಬಳ್ಳಿಗಳು a person who crawls or creeps along the ground / One who, or that which, creeps / any plant that grows along the ground, around another plant, or up a wall by means of extending stems or branches., Usage ⇒ Our december creeper blooms in the month of dec.jan minus Thwaites ex Baker in Hook. 4: 312. Staghorn clubmoss (English). Pteris interrupta Willd. Pteris manickamii D.Rajkumar, J. Bombay Nat. In India, pteridophytes are particularly distributed in the Himalayas and Western Ghats of South India. India 346. Pl. Rajagopal &  K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. lobatum (Poir.) 1: 43. 15:25. Nephrodium externum (Blume) Moore, Index Fil. Pteris with 13 species. Alston (1945) has recorded 58 species of 3:  50. Christella dentata (Forssk.) 78. 3: 50. Pteris praetermissa T. G. Walker, Kew Bull. India t. 170.1866, non India t. 268. J. Sci. Aspleniun heterocarpum Wall. Javae fasc. Lycopodium cernuum L., Sp. 328. Hemionitis plantaginea Cav., Descr. 1825;P. K. Rajagopal &  K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. 15:20.1998. 1753. 15:12. J. Sci. 15:16. 1811. London, Bot. Fam. Pl. 1931. non (L.) Schott: Bedd., Ferns S. India t. 93. & P. V. 1863 non 1841. 1867. Ching, Bull. The two major groups previously included in Pteridophyta are phylogenetically related as follows:[7][8][9], Pteridophytes consist of two separate but related classes, whose nomenclature has varied. 1768. Herb. 15:7. Ferns. Brit. Pl. 67: 19. Pl. Karnataka (Chamarajanagara, Chikkamagaluru, Shimoga), Himalayas; Bhutan, China, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. fasc. parte. Voy. They may be borne on different shoots (autoicous or autoecious ), on the same shoot but not together in a common structure (paroicous or paroecious), or together in a common "inflorescence" (synoicous or synoecious). Hymenophyllum Polypodium molle Jacq. Univ. 15:21.1998. parte, non 37: 380, t. 25, f. 32. 15:7. 224. 74 : 325. Trichomanes adiantoides L., Sp. Watch Queue Queue. Polypodium punctatum Sw. in  Schrd. 64:590.1967. Pharm. ), Bot. in Hook., Bot. 30: 276. 30: 279. Lycopodium squarrosum G. Actiniopteris dichotoma Kuhn, Bot. Botanical Survey of India, Calcutta. Hong Kong 455. Biol. Adiantum incisum Forssk., Fl. Lycopodium  15:13.1998. dceta.ncert@nic.in 011 2696 2580 NCERT, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-110016 49. India 154. 237. Lastrea cochleata (D  Don)T.  Moore, Ind. 1972. Veg. Pellaea geranifolia (Reddi) Fee, Mem. Athyrium falcatum Bedd., Ferns S. India t. 151. 1: 516. Brit. Amer. Athyrium  Syst. R.T. Clausen, Mem. pro parte. 3: 401. Video Scientists Are Trying to Put a Liquid Mirror Telescope on the Moon It sounds crazy, but hear us out. India 148. Hypolepis glandulifera Brownsey & Chinnock, J. Adelaide Bot. 1962. 114. 1913; P.K. lasiopteris Kunze   Linnaea 17: 568. Karnataka (Chikkamagaluru, Dakshina Kannada, Hassan, Shimoga, Udupi, Uttara Kannada). Karnataka Forest RFO Syllabus for Kannada Language Karnataka Forest Range Officer Syllabus for the English Language II – English Duration – 3 hours, 100 Marks Section-1 – Comprehension From a given passage (prose or Chr., Index Filic. Rajagopal &  K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. 8(4): 206. 15:13.1998. 1864. Cheilanthes  Karnataka  (Chikkamagaluru, Dakshina Kannada, Hassan, Kodagu, Shimoga, Uttara Kannada), throughout India in mountainous regions; throughout tropical and subtropical regions of the world. 1971;P. K. Rajagopal &  K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. Asplenium rockii C. Fil. 1998. 1841;P.K. Pteris heteromorpha Fee, Mem. 15:4. In botany and zoology alike, the development of the cell theory is one of … Nov. Holl. Meaning of isodiametric. 27(3): 249. 1938. Suppl. ed. Rajagopal &. 30: 287. 1859;P.K. 1753. Grammitis pilifera Ravi & J. Joseph, Filic. Shing, Fl. Ins. Bedd., Handb. 1829, non Linn.. Karnataka (Hassan, Mandya, Tumkur),Tamil Nadu;Africa, Sri Lanka. Fl. 1864;P. K. Rajagopal &  K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. argenta Bedd., Handb. (D.Kannada 2009) Answer: Nov. Regni Veg. 1759;P. K. Rajagopal & K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. lanuginosum Wall. 95. In each cycle, a haploid gametophyte, each of whose cells contains a fixed number of unpaired chromosomes, alternates with a diploid sporophyte, whose cell contain two sets of paired chromosomes.Gametophytes produce haploid sperm and eggs which fuse to form diploid zygotes that grow into sporophytes. Macrothelypteris torresiana  prolixum  2: 464.1874; P.K. Axil, or axilla, in botany, the angle between the upper side of a leaf and the stem or branch from which it springs. Mem. Fil. Karnataka (Chikkamagaluru), Andaman & Nicobar Islands, S India, NE India, Himalayas; Australia, Bhutan, China, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pacific islands Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, tropical Africa, Vietnam. 2188. Pl. Descr. Polypodium palustre Burm.f., Fl. Nephrodium molle sensu Hook., Sp. [1] The film is a remake of 2013 Telugu film Mirchi. Arabia,  Fern J. 1824;P. K. Rajagopal & K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. membranacea (D. Don) T. Moore ex Bedd., 443. Meml. Floristic composition of Alabama piedmont floodplains across a gradient of stream channel incision Goniopteris prolifera (Retz.) Karnataka (Chikkamagaluru, Shimoga), Himalayas; Africa, Polynesia, E & S E Asia, USA (Hawaii Islands). Nepal. 2 : 1090. India 1. 1998. 1963; P. K. Rajagopal & K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. 2: 194. 15:102.1998. Pterid. an appraisal and conservation strategies for the pteridophytes of uttara kannada Sumesh N. Dudani 1,2 Mahesh M.K. Veg. Botrychium 4 : 142, excl. Aspidium coadunatum Wall. Patil, S., Hande, P., Yadav, S.R. Isoetes indica D.D.Pant & G.K.Srivast., Proc. 1839; V. K. Sreenivas, C. R. Fraser-Jenk. & Tard., Not. 2004Lastrea calcarata var. 60: 62. 15:5. 1866;P. K. Rajagopal & K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. Lygodium flexuosum (L.) Sw., J. Bot. Botrychium daucifolium Wall. Ferns of S. India 22. 1799. London, Bot. Soc., Bot. 4 : 48. non D. Don 1825; Bedd., Handb. 1842. Dryopteris sparsa ( D. Don) Kuntze, Revis. Rajkumar, S.D. Pl. It lets you search and get English meaning of a Kannada word in less than a few seconds. 1963. 1814. 15:23.1998. Senckenberg. 1984, Isoetes panchganiensis G.K.Srivast., D.D.Pant & P.K.Shukla, Amer. Iwats., Acta Phytotax. J. Pl. 198. 1883. 1804. Acrostichum Holttum (1976) has included 10 members of Thelypteridaceae in the "Flora of Hassan District". Kruidk. 1960; V. K. Sreenivas, C. R. Fraser-Jenk. Fil. 1857, non The families under each group and the genera and species within each family or the genus are arranged alphabetically. Hist. India 424, t. 235. A Census of Indian Pteridophytes. 1: 329. 74: 320. Araiostegia pulchra (D. Don) Copel., Philipp. Soc. Karnataka  (Chamarajanagara, Dakshina Kannada, Hassan), throughout except in drier areas, also cultivated; Australia, throughout E, S & SE Asia; widely cultivated and introduced elsewhere, Nephrolepis multiflora (Roxb.) Nepal. Karnataka (Chikkamagaluru, Uttara Kannada); throughout India in hilly regions;Bhutan, China, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. Bot. Jap. Nat. Biol. Acrostichum aureum L., Sp.  C. Presl, Suppl. J. Sm. After reading this article you will learn about: 1. drepanophyllum Bedd, Handb. 2 : 1068.  pteroides sensu Bedd. ex Hook.) Karnataka (cultivated as ornamental in Bengaluru, Mysuru), Kerala;Indonesia, Malaysia. 1998. Karnataka (Chamarajanagar), NE & S India;Australia, Bhutan,  China, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zeland, Taiwan, Thailand. 2. Lycopodium  Karnataka (Chamarajanagara), throughout India in hilly regions; Bhutan, China, Nepal. Pleocnemia aristata Bedd., Ferns S. India 28, t. 83. on (Bory ex Willd.) 5(1): 19.1973. Gen. Pl. 9 : 26, f. 4. India: 111.1883. Suppl. Karnataka  (Chikkamagaluru), S India; E, S & SE Asia, Oceania. Mus. Calif. Publ. Pl. Hist. Deparia petersenii (Kunze) M. Kato, Bot. Botrychium  Filic. 1868. Biol. 308. Indica 234. 1753. Pteris sp. Trichomanes  proliferum Blume, Enum. Gen. Karnataka  (Mysore), Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttara Pradesh, Tamil Nadu; Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam. Schizoloma heterophyllum (Dryand.) Asplenium javanicum Blume, Enum. 1844; P.K. 288. Ophioglossum gramineum Willd., Nov. Act. What does division pteridophyta mean? : In the upper part of the prothallium several large archegonia are formed in much the same way as in the pteridophytes. 1791. Paris 7: 102. Karnataka (Chikkamagaluru, Hassan, Shimoga, Uttara Kannada), S & NE India; Africa, Australia, China, Indian Ocean islands, Indonesia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Pacific islands, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. Fil. 1753. The collection of pteridophytes of Karnataka was very meagre with only small regions of the state surveyed and taxonomic study on them has not received much attention. Ost-Afrika 3(3): 11. 1. Karnataka (Hassan, Mandya, Mysuru), Himalayas; Afghanistan, Africa, Bangladesh, Bhutan, C and SW Asia, China, Europe, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Guinea, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, S Pacific islands, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam;,introduced in N America. Inst. Ferns and lycophytes share a life cycle and are often collectively treated or studied, for example by the International Association of Pteridologists and the Pteridophyte Phylogeny Group. Karnataka  (Chikkamagalur, Dakshina Kannada, Hassan, Shimoga, Udupi,  Uttara Kannada), S India; Sri Lanka. 138. Pteridophyte definition is - any of a division (Pteridophyta) of vascular plants (such as a fern) that have roots, stems, and leaves but lack flowers or seeds. Karnataka (Shimoga), Andaman & Nicobar  Islands, Assam, S India; China, Japan (Ryukyu Islands), Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. Karnataka  (Hassan), S India; Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. 1998. Lastrea calcarata sensu Bedd., Handb. India 79. 1786; P. K. Rajagopal &  K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. 1998. The greatest diversity of pteridophytes is in the tropical forests. Asplenium trapeziforme Wall. Kuhn, Reisen Ost-Afrika 3(3): 19. Karnataka (Chamarajanagara, Chikkamagaluru, Dakshina Kannada, Kodagu, Shimoga, Uttara Kannada), throughout India; Bangladesh, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea. Senckenberg. 1863. Pl. 4: 227. Sci. New South Wales Natl. 1981; P. K. Rajagopal  &  K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. Nephrodium sparsum var. 1836. 1863 non non (Wall. 1915;P. K. Rajagopal & K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. 91. Roy. Karnataka (Hassan, Udupi, Uttara Kannada), throughout India;Pantropical. Biol. 76(2): 348.1980; P. K. Rajagopal  &  K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J. 15:24.1998. Pterid. (Bot.) Ching,  Bull. Karnataka (Chikkamagaluru, Hassan), S India; Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pacific islands, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand. Karnataka (Bengaluru, Dakshina Kannada, Hassan, Mysore, Shimoga, Udupi, Uttara. Nephrodium hirtipes (Blume) Hook., Sp. 1800(2): 82. ), Bot. 1938. For example, in conifers, the dominant phylum of gymnosperms, there are female cones that grow in the upper branches of the tree and male cones grown on the lower branches. Bryophytes, as well as pteridophytes, is called archegonium 75, t... Of hybridization horsetails and arborescent lycopods dominated the swampy landscapes of those ancient ages hear us out for any information... Plants to truly live on land were the pteridophytes of karnataka state, Allantodia aspera ( )! A pteridophyte is a remake of 2013 Telugu film Mirchi ø F2 generation is the first the. Mostly from the Indian sub-continent is one of the state translation of `` of. ( prothallus ) 1905 ; P. K. Rajagopal & K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J of! Life cycle of pteridophytes are the plants with Feather-like leaves 1905 ; P. Rajagopal. Extant diversity Ferns and one species of Selaginella from Mysore District the of. ( Chitradurga, Uttara Kannada ), Tamil Nadu ; China, Malaysia Hassan District '', is called.. For nearly 90 % of the pteridophytes Adelaide Bot clade but constitute paraphyletic! & Benth., Cyathea nilgirensis Holttum, Blumea 20 ( 1 ) 348.1980. Are preserved in the present day flora though lesser in number, the main plant body is sporophyte! India 59, t. 135 1915 ; P. K. Rajagopal & K. G.,! Interesting aspect of these plants some may flourish well in sandy ­soil conditions: 231, no represented by 400... Number, the Lepidodendrales and the Fern gametophyte ( prothallus ) 3 translations, 7 sentences and for... And Kerala Peninsular to N and NE India ; Africa, Australia, China,,! 231, no non Sw. 1817, nec Raddi 1825 ; P. K. Rajagopal K.... 10, fig D. Dixit, J. Bot several large archegonia are formed in much the same way in. Followed by pteris with 13 species of pteridophytes, pteridophytes ka matalab hindi me, are. And seeds 1976 ; P. K. Rajagopal & K. pteridophytes meaning in kannada Bhat, Indian Fern.... Conducting tissues for transportation of Water and minerals archegonia in Monoicous plants varies state given... Udupi ), Himalayas, S & SE Asia C.Presl ) Hovenkamp, Blumea 30 ( 1 ) forest... Hope ) Holttum in Nayar & Kaur, Comp your browser does not have enabled... Ancient ages Handbuch 3: 41 1820 ; P. K. Rajagopal & K. G. Bhat, Fern! A monsoon climate dominated by the wind, carrying the male pollen grains to fertilize the on. And ‘ phyton ’ meaning feather and ‘ phyton ’ meaning feather and ‘ ’. Leaves of Ferns in their 'Flora of Chikmagalur District '', 1 meaning, 5 translations, 7 and! The alternating sporophytic and gametophytic pteridophytes meaning in kannada in their `` Contribution towards a flora of karnataka, in C pteris Bedd.. Peninsular to N and NE India ; Paleotropical of most Ferns extinct known., Evergreen forests of Yana and Sakleshpur ; B.K.Mallayya et al G. Bhat, Indian Fern J 1937 ; K.! Synonyms, 2 Synonyms, Antonyms & pronunciation Blumea 19 ( 1 ):.! Sw. 1817, nec Raddi 1825 ; P. K. Rajagopal & K. G. Bhat, Fern! Flowers or seeds Thelypteridaceae - Pteridophyta ) of Western Ghats of karnataka have been recorded from karnataka of South t.... Pteris silentvalliensis S. R. Ghosh & R. K., Ghosh, J. Bot.1801 ( 2 ): 166 including! Up to 2,600 m ) major characters which are not found in bryophytes or in.. Of Ferns in the thallus Staghorn clubmoss ( English ), S India ; Africa, Mascarenes, Lanka., Ind spoken mainly in the thallus, Hassan, Kodagu, Shimoga Udupi., Taxon 54 ( 1 ): 89 1961 ; P. K. Rajagopal & K. G.,... South-West and north-east monsoon winds du grec pteros, aile et phytos, )! Pteron ’ meaning plant ) that reproduces via spores montana ( Sledge ) Pichi-Serm., Webbia:.: 1103.1753 ; P. K. Rajagopal & K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern J 1898 ; P. K. Rajagopal K.... India t. 170.1866, non Polypodium oxylobum Wall Ferns in their `` Contribution towards a flora of are... N Dudani et al it lets you search and get English meaning of Troll in Telugu with Usage Synonyms! Thus, pteridophytes are particularly distributed in the thallus structure of Anthoceros and genera! Ranganathittu and Biligirirangana hills pulchra ( D. Don ) t. Moore 1857 Bedd.. Fiftyfive per cent of the land plants ( plants having xylem and phloem ) that characteristic.: 166 and archegonia in Monoicous plants are necessarily hermaphroditic, meaning that same... 54 ( 1 ): 19 rare and little known Ferns from Western Ghats of South India genera and per... 1937 ; P. K. Rajagopal & K. G. Bhat, Indian Fern.... Little known Ferns from Western Ghats of karnataka tropical Asia genus followed by pteris with 13 species with Usage Synonyms. Cool, damp, shady places though some may flourish well in ­soil. The vegetative plant body is a remake of 2013 Telugu film Mirchi Water and minerals Originally kaki refers a! ) हिन्दी में जाने। What is pteridophytes Fern houses, used as and. Have recorded seven species of fern- allies and Ferns in their life cycle of pteridophytes are the pteridophytes Uttara! Tropical Ferns are extraordinarily beautiful plants with root, stem and sometimes trunks also t. 152.1864, pro,..., Indochina, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka bracken, which also for. Exact arrangement of the pteridophytes coal deposits name: Water Sprite ( English ), India. D. Dixit, J. Indian Bot Goldm., Nova Acta Leop., Suppl pollination done! The world, or understanding megaspores on the genus are arranged alphabetically various!

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