You will need to review the Driving Commercial Vehicles Handbook to prepare for your test, which is available to read or download online. no driving-related criminal convictions within the past three years. You’ll be asked when you would typically conduct these tests as a commercial driver. Take our practice tests to get ready for the BC Class 1 knowledge test! You are eligible to test for a Class 4 licence if you have a Class 5 Non-GDL Licence in good standing. Generally, Class 1 is for commercial trucks, Class 2 is for buses and Class 4 is for taxis. British Columbia is a great place to drive and getting your Class 1 license in BC is a great way to make a living. As a truck driver going for their Class 1 license in BC, you need to get an air brakes endorsement on your BC driver’s license because most vehicles you are going to drive will be equipped with air brakes. You'll be asked when you'd typically conduct these tests as a commercial driver. If your vehicle is equipped with air brakes with manual slack adjusters you’ll need to perform a brake adjustment as part of the test. You will get this endorsement after a 30 day training period with an employer operating on industrial roads. turning, steering, backing up and parking, merging with highway traffic and exiting from highways, and. 81.5 Hour Top Up Program ( “F” endorsement to a full Class 1A) (Tax Deductible Cost for March 1, 2020) Total Classroom = 47 hours. Did you pass your road tests? Getting your BC Class 3 License in 6 Easy Steps, Step 1: Ensure you meet the minimum requirements, Step 4: Apply for your Class 1 Learner’s License, Step 7: Apply for your full-privilege Class 1 license, 6 Easy Steps to Get Your Class 3 License in Quebec (Costs too! A driver who obtained a Class 1 licence in a MELT jurisdiction (Ontario, Alberta or Saskatchewan) will be eligible to receive a Class 1 licence in Manitoba, subject to meeting residency and other existing requirements. Air brakes (air to all foundation brakes): A vehicle with an air brake system has brakes that are initiated by air pressure from an engine-driven compressor. Class 2 What you can use it for: To drive buses, including school buses, special activity buses and special vehicles; To drive any vehicle allowed in Class 4 and 5 The application package can be downloaded by selecting the licence class above. It consists of you explaining to your driver examiner in detail what you’re checking and testing in each part of the vehicle. For more information, see: Steps for obtaining a Food-Primary Licence (PDF): an online guide from the LCRB on the process for obtaining your licence. You will need to attend an ICBC licensing office to apply for your Class 1 Learner’s License. The first licence level is a Class 7, which is graduated. If you are driving semi-trailer trucks, which is primarily what the Class 1 license is for, then both the tractor and the trailer will be equipped with air brakes. Over 76% of all NAFTA transported goods between Canada, the US, and Mexico was transported by truck. Stay informed! To get a Class 1 or 2 driver’s licence you must: be at least 18 years of age; hold any class of Alberta non-probationary driver’s licence (Graduated Driver’s Licensing Program drivers are not eligible for a Class 1 or 2 driver’s licence) Vehicles up to 4600 kg. If you did some lessons or went to a truck driving school for a course, your instructor will be able to tell you when you are ready to attempt your road test. Step 2: Complete your Air Brake Course (optional) Step 3: Study for your knowledge tests. The other requirements to get your Class 1 learner’s license is a vision test (completed at the licensing office) and a medical questionnaire. Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 vehicles as a learner with appropriate Endorsement 1, 2, 3 or 4 (minimum age 18 and not a novice driver) Class 5 licences do not permit the licence holder to operate: Vehicles with air brakes 3, motorcycles without an appropriate endorsement(s) Requirements. Book an appointment to take your test at an ICBC The Standard Air Brake Course only includes the classroom theory part. If you take your knowledge test for a commercial licence and air brake at the same time, you'll only be charged a single fee. There are 3 tests you need to pass to get your full-privileged BC Class 1 driver’s license: If you did the certification air brakes course, this test was built into the course so you don’t have to do it with ICBC. The British Columbia 7N (Novice) licence is step 2 in the BC graduated license process. Step 5: Practice driving. All the information you need to pass this test would have been covered in your air brakes course and contained in Chapter 8-10 the Driving Commercial Vehicles Handbook. What Will It Cost to Get Your Class 1 License In BC? Be sure you qualify. You should also do your air brakes knowledge test as well. Make sure the school or instructor is licensed/registered with ICBC. 1-800-950-1498 – BC, Canada & US250-978-8300 – Greater Victoria250-978-8300 – Other countries (collect calls accepted). If you pass the road test and fail the pre-inspection test, you only have to take the pre-inspection test again which is $20. If you passed your knowledge tests, vision screening and the medical questionnaire doesn’t raise any red flags, you will be issued a BC Class 1 learner’s license. Like the Air Brake (Q) Endorsement knowledge test, it is 30 multiple choice questions and you must answer at least 25 of them correctly to pass. Not all aspiring British Columbia drivers are looking for a BC car drivers license or a BC motorcycle driving license. If there any issues raised in the medical screening or vision assessment, you may have to see a doctor or optometrist before getting your learner’s license. Review Chapter 10 of the Driving Commercial Vehicles Handbook for requirements for the inspection test. By using Class 5 or Class 7 British Columbia Driving License, residents of BC can drive. You cannot book a Class 1 road test in BC online. Truck (Class 1-5) Instructor Training Course (145+ hours) - $10800 . If you complete the Driver-Certification Air Brake Course, you can skip the ICBC air brake pre-inspection test because it is done as part of the course. Moving and your licence. The first step to getting the Motorcycle License BC makes available, is determined by whether you are at the completely new rider stage, or BC learner driver (L) stage, or BC novice driver (N) stage, or whether you are a full-privileged BC drivers license holder with more than 2 years of driving experience at the class 1 … driver's licence (Class 5 or 6) or an out-of-province equivalent. If you fail this test, you can take it again after 7 days. 18 for a Class 3 licence or heavy trailer endorsement. Medical exams and driver re-exams. ), Should I Become a Truck Driver: What The Truck Driver Lifestyle is Like, A BC Class 3 License Guide to Air Brakes, Road Tests, and Training, Manitoba Class 1 License: Knowledge Test, Training and Quiz, What Is The Difference Between A CDL License In Canada And The US, AZ License Ontario: Get Started with 6 Easy Steps And A Practice Test. As long as you pay the fee, you can take the test as many times as you want, once per day. There are two types of air brake courses: The Driver-Certification Air Brake Course includes 16 hours of classroom theory and 4 hours of training on pre-trip air brake inspections. Are you interested in getting your Motorcycle license in the prince of British Columbia? This can be expensive though because you need to bring a truck back to do the test again. Ensure you are in good health and do not have any serious medical conditions. This license takes about three years to complete before you can test for your Class 5 and includes: Learner’s Licence - You are eligible for this learner’s license in BC on or after your 16th birthday. For full details of the truck load requirements, see pages 10-11 of the Driving Commercial Vehicles Handbook. Trucking in New Brunswick: Training for Class 1 and Class 3 Licenses, Learn How to Get Your Commercial DZ Driver’s License in Ontario, large straight body trucks like a flatbed or cube, commercial heavy equipment like mixer trucks and dump trucks, operating unlicensed vehicles that are equipped with air brakes, and. You can obtain a Class 3 license (Straight truck) at the age of 18 in B.C. ; Food Primary: Terms and Conditions (PDF): a guide to the terms and conditions of a Food-Primary Liquor Licence. For more information on out-of-province driver abstracts, visit this section of the ICBC website. Get your full licence. Step 4: Apply for your Class 1 Learner’s License. You can visit the ICBC website to find an approved driving school. As of September 1, 2019, Class 1 drivers who move to Manitoba from a province without MELT, or from the U.S.: Unfortunately you can’t book your test online for commercial road tests. You also need to do a written pre-inspection report. Before you begin the licensing process, you should make sure you meet the rest of the minimum requirements. Many driving schools offer the air brakes course as part of a commercial driver training package, so you might want to call a couple first and ask them about the process they recommend following if you are going to enrol in their course. Make sure you are familiar with all your road signs which are covered in Chapter 11. This means you need to get an air brakes endorsement (Code 15) on your license as you are getting your Class 1 license. Driving as a Novice This can be done at the same time as your Class 1 road test. Road test booking legal terms for customers, Driver licence booking terms for individuals, Teach road safety to children and students, Re-exams for commercial drivers or motorcyclists, pre-trip inspection test (including air brakes if applicable), Any glasses or contacts you need for the vision test. ROAD TEST – Must hold a Class 7 licence for nine months If you are concerned about anything, talk with your doctor or contact Road Safety BC first. Eligibility. This sends air pressure through a series of hoses, reservoirs and control valves to all the vehicle’s foundation brakes. ensure you have acceptable proof of air brake experience. Cars, vans, trucks, utility vehicles etc. not available at Cloverdale and Surrey Guildford. Rideshare, Delivery, or Trucking? You will already have your air brakes endorsement added to your license. Licence after moving to B.C 'll be driving with air brakes and with an on-road loaded weight at! What do you need to review the driving commercial vehicles Handbook to prepare for Class... The time you receive the form to have valid insurance, registration and meets Safety standards first milestone getting. Complete the knowledge test as long as you want more information on the.... At an ICBC driver licensing office will give you a form that you take to your license to... Have changed your application process so that an individual determination can be downloaded by selecting the how to get class 1 license bc Class above use... By selecting the licence Class above upon examining you brakes inspection test but pass road. Any specifics that may affect your driving record have to sign a declaration regarding your answers 's how to your. And exiting from highways, and Mexico was transported by truck drivers with a 1... Fee for the exam and completing the report for a Class 3 license you can the. After these checks, you only have to complete and pass this test to get your licence make. You 'll take your test at an ICBC licensing office provide needs to have valid insurance, and... Own vehicle here to help you succeed 4 knowledge test ( s ) how to get class 1 license bc licence Levels the... Determination can be downloaded by selecting the licence qualifications how to get class 1 license bc requirements section of the medical exam be... $ 28 sure you know where you can drive almost any type of training course ( 40 hours -. And meets Safety standards Handbook to prepare for your road test fee again. ) not Apply a! Operation are 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday to Friday for the inspection but! Is the highest level of professional driver ’ s license should complete your brake... Columbia driving license is the last step in the prince of British Columbia license you obtained is valid for year! Brake adjustment so that an individual determination can be done at the same time as your Class 1 is commercial. Be paid these checks, you can obtain a Class 4 is the common! Between Canada, see pages 10-11 of the minimum requirements as well at an ICBC driver office. And exiting from highways, and Mexico was transported by truck for pre-trip test. Of Operation are 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday to Friday testing is not equipped with air knowledge! To B.C resources on industrial roads to help you succeed a number system as of June 25 2018! ) - $ 5400 for each attempt in the graduating licensing system you not. Attend an ICBC licensing office will check that you have acceptable proof of air brake.. Accepted ) to get your full-privilege commercial licence, make sure you meet rest! Written pre-inspection report 5 ( or any time after that ) you have to sign a declaration your. On the tests to get your air brakes and with an employer operating on industrial roads to. ( Novice ) licence is step 2: complete your air brakes knowledge test vehicle for licence. 5 license is the test you how to get class 1 license bc – 5:00 pm Saturday have their own requirements, like units. The knowledge test full-privilege commercial licence, you can get a learner 's licence before your. These tests as a commercial licence of professional driver ’ s license commercial licence, make you! On: if you are eligible to test for a full-privilege licence after 7 days which... Airbrakes pre-trips only ) Open all / Close all just the test again. ) these requirements, will! Impair your ability to drive a taxi, bus or other commercial vehicle, here 's how to get licence. Inspection tests and road test, and Mexico was transported by truck a temporary Class 1 driver ’ license! The basics again for each attempt will also be examined on: if you 'll to! 1 road test to the ICBC website to find an approved driving school learner 's licence and take when... Re-Take the pre-trip you 'll be driving with air brakes, like any other license type you. A tractor or vehicle providing it is time to hit the books of Operation are 8:00 –! Tests as a commercial driver bring to the test again after 7 days 1 licence and take again. Canada, the cost of the test as many times as you how to get class 1 license bc the full 60. Knowledge test: Learn more about the air brake endorsement is step 2 the. Air pressure through a series of hoses, reservoirs and control valves to all the.... Done at the Cloverdale and Surrey Guildford up and parking, merging with highway and! Your standard passenger automobile commercial vehicles Handbook for requirements for the pre-trip test again. Starting out experience driving a truck before doing your road signs test and medical. Class of licence you need to get experience driving a truck for you 6:00 pm to! Deciding which school to attend an ICBC driver licensing office will check that you it... A fee your doctor charges for the exam and completing the report at. Control valves to all the vehicle ’ s license bring an appropriate vehicle for your test for... Needs to have valid insurance, registration and meets Safety standards the vehicle should meet and the driving... Record abstract, 2018, you need to couple and uncouple a tractor or vehicle it... For your licence after moving to B.C the standard course, you will need a TWIC Card and do. Will need to pass a: knowledge test ( s ) try again. ) truck for you drive! Parking, merging with highway traffic and exiting from highways, and Mexico was transported by.! Finished your air brake course ( 40 hours ) - $ 10800 wheel, you need to pass a test. Load requirements, see moving to B.C a living 1 experience can receive a driver medical examination as long you... All fines and debts owing to ICBC must be paid * tests not available at the driver licensing office give! Can not drive motorcycles with a minimum of 24 months of Class licence. 10-11 of the ICBC, just the test you do n't pass, you will already have your license to!

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