I had managed to replace the Intercooler coil already but In addition to looking for cracks, analyze the Inverter 8000 kw. 2007 – 2009 Sprinter OM642 Diagnostics | 2001 – 2006 Sprinter Van Diagnostics 2007– 2009 Sprinter OM642 Diagnostics PDF: 2007 – 2009 Sprinter Van OM642 Diagnostics In order to do proper diagnostics you will need a scan tool and some special tools available from Mopar Special Tools https://mopar.snapon.com.If you don’t have service information you can... Read more » I’m not sure if due to its age or too much Turbo pressure. As the air that enters the intercooler comes directly from the turbocharger, it does mean that if you’ve ever had any issues with the turbo then the intercooler is likely to be affected too. Is this just the Charge Air Hose Inside Seal Ring 3.0L V6, 2.1L 4CYL & METRIS 2010-2020 Located on the charge air hoses on the input and output side of the intercooler. If the engine runs under a This will either cause the engine to run rich or lean. The best part is, our Dodge Sprinter 3500 Intercooler Connection Hose products start from as little as $26.99. It has 180,000k’s already. New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in Ontario. A reported heavy engine oil usage (almost a litre/100 miles) with no apparent burning of oil or excessive smoke from the exhaust could be the result of the following - common to the Mercedes T1N earlier Sprinter models. 11. Intercooler failure is fairly rare, at least compared to failures in the plumbing between it and other components. 270000 miles. The Turbo Intercooler coil was blown on my 2011 316CDI sprinter Diesel automatic. But near a mileage of 100-150k miles, auxiliary engine systems start to fail. In 2008 Sprinter 2500s with the 3.0 liter engine, coolant leaks are most likely to occur where the hoses connect to the engine, but it can also leak from the reservoir or from the hoses. My 2006 Dodge Sprinter 3500 has just been diagnosed with the turbo resonator failure that was expected. Mercedes OM642 Engine Problems and Reliability In general, the OM642 engine has proven to be quite reliable. Nothing good happens. Intercooler Basics All substances in this universe -- at least those warmer than absolute zero, or negative 459 degrees F -- contain a certain amount of energy in the form of heat. For Passenger Right Intercooler Hose Mopar For Dodge Sprinter 2500 3500 2.7L L5 (Fits: Dodge Sprinter 2500) 4.5 out of 5 stars (6) 6 product ratings - For Passenger Right Intercooler Hose Mopar For Dodge Sprinter 2500 3500 2.7L L5 Sprinter water leak. Here at Sprinter Depo, We Remanufacture Dodge, Freightliner, & Mercedes Sprinter Engines, Each & Every Day!! Very good condition no rust, no oil leak. Km. So I just got my Sprinter back from an oil change and the tech, who used to service Sprinters, said my turbo was leaking oil pretty bad and it was going all through the lines. OP T truthfindergeneral Senior Member Jul 31, 2010 Thread Starter #7 Does any one have any instructions for changing the intercooler ? (06-21-2016, 09:14 PM) sparkyman2000 Wrote: With vehicle cold, check pressures are … no oil in the water head tank! The new common-rail TDI models do great in cold weather outside of one potentially serious problem - intercooler icing. Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter Sprinter Gen2 NCV3 w/ OM642 3.0L V6 (2007-2018) Frequently Asked Questions Will this fit a W211 E-Class OM642? For example, if a turbo is suffering from an oil leak die to worn seals, then the oil that has ‘leaked’ out has to go somewhere – and the somewhere is most likely to be the intercooler. 2002 sprinter 311 CDI Hi just changed my head gasket and head after a failed injector bolt caused the head to crack/leak, The van is now running ok, but it as milky oil on the filler cap. Garrett is one of the world’s leading pioneers of turbo technologies, providing engine 368. Rear axle has air lift. No problem no issues, safety including Has shelf’s, Espar heating for interior. I have a 2000 Mercedes Sprinter 311 cdi van. The worst complaints are auxiliary diesel fired heater failed. Had my oil cooler seals replaced this past December. Runs extremely well but is losing water about one litre per 100 miles. Advance Auto Parts has 15 different Intercooler Connection Hose for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. It was expected be because it has now happened to all the Sprinters I own. Yes, this kit will work on the OM642 engine in the W211 E-Class. Find Sprinter Turbo in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! In many 2006 Sprinter 2500s, an anti-freeze leak can cause the temp sensor to record high engine temperatures. Sprinter Intercooler hoses are prone to leaks. 2005 Dodge Sprinter cooling system problems with 1 complaints from Sprinter owners. Common problems with the Peugeot Boxer Some problems will only occur after many years of operation, others are related to technical solutions and forced the manufacturer to issue a recall.on 08. A leaking hose will cause limp mode as the vehicle will be unable to maintain specified boost pressure. Replace your factory turbo air charge hose connector with the Turbo Hose Adapter™ and avoid an untimely breakdown. #3: But I A leak in the intercooler lines will fail to supply the required amount of air under the optimal pressure, thereby affecting the air-fuel ratio of the engine. Enjoy The Benefits Of Our Mercedes Benz, Dodge, & Freightliner Sprinter Engines When comparing different types of engines for performance, fuel economy, and more, diesel engines always override all other engines. The 3.0L V6 Mercedes Diesel engine has proven to be a strong and reliable motor. Intercooler sprinter 906 na Allegro.pl - Zróżnicowany zbiór ofert, najlepsze ceny i promocje. The intercooler sits between the turbo and the intake manifold, and its job is to cool the compressed and heated air coming out of the turbo. So have your Mercedes Sprinter Van engine checked regularly. If the intercooler springs a leak, then your compressed air from the Turbo Diagnostics We are there for every landmark moment, supporting teams, engineers and drivers every wheel turn of the way. Stan Nowy Numer katalogowy oryginału MERCEDES-BENZ … The job included replacing the turbo inlet seal and the small adjacent one. MERCEDES SPRINTER 906 INTERCOOLER na Allegro.pl - Zróżnicowany zbiór ofert, najlepsze ceny i promocje. If it doesn’t leak, all you are out is the cost of the test. Always protect yourself with safety glasses and gloves when working with the coolant on your Sprinter 2500. Before this there was a leak, when you pend this pipe. The most often leak occurs at the fittings where hoses attach to hard pipes or Stan Nowy Producent części Hella Numer katalogowy oryginału MERCEDES-BENZ 906 501 01 01 The intercooler shouldn't leak, but there is ALWAYS some oil in the intake tract. Single Turbo Hose Adapter for Sprinter Vans For 5 Cyl and 6 Cyl Eliminate the possibility of going into “Limp Mode” when you least expect it, at night in the middle of nowhere! INTERCOOLER MERCEdes sprinter w906 Części samochodowe » Osobowe 200 zł Chojnów dzisiaj 16:16 INTERCOOLER MERCEDES W211 2.7 CDI Części samochodowe » Osobowe 100 zł … Wejdź i znajdź to, czego szukasz! Sprinter 2010 3500. If it does leak, fix or replace the charge air cooler and you can stuff extra $100 bills in your pocket every year with the fuel savings, plus your power is renewed! If you don't, you risk having your Mercedes-Benz warranty invalidated by a repair-shop, since the air-intake hose coming loose or the charge air hose that connects the turbo to the intercooler having similar issues are very uncommon when regular maintenance takes place. This engine is used in everything from an E-Class sedan up to the 3500 dually Sprinter vans. Wejdź i znajdź to, czego szukasz! Work was done at my MB indie shop by former MB master tech who also owns the same year and model as my ML.

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