Up till now I have used Wilderness Instructor belts with the internal stiffener. I knew it already past their 30 day return policy period but I still tried my luck to ask for replacement. My holster doesn’t move budge, or sag. Awesome belt. This makes concealed carry so easy and comfortable. As far as I'm concerned it's the best belt on the market. Extremely comfortable for all-day wear and rigid enough to properly retain your quality holsters. Thank you for your business and taking the time to share your experience. I ordered the wrong size at first but after getting the correct size the belt had everything you would want. It is also sturdy and looks like it will hold up well for a long time. I personally think it's overpriced and not thick enough. I'm liking it. Feel free to reach out to us so we can get the exchange set up for you. No sag. As the belt breaks in, it will lay more flush. Great gun belt. I wear mostly Carhartt jeans and a little patience and special technique was required to feed the belt but my 5.11 cargo pants were much easier. Been using a reinforced steel gun belt, which i do love, but the lighter material and easy to use Cobra buckle are much better. Already got two of these for myself. I have two, black and coyote brown, paired with my two new LightTuck (Sig P365 and M&P 9c) with mag holsters and the fit couldn’t be better. I am a life long customer. First the pluses, strong, ridgid, durable, well made, and supports any gun well. Additionally, all buckles made at AustriAlpin are CNC machined, assembled, inspected, and packed in an ISO quality assurance accredited facility. Would definitely reccomend!! One caveat, use all OWB or IWB to get the most out of the "thru-loop" buckle feature so you don't have to re-velcro the belt all of the time...or, buy two belts! Also, there is a reason why you have to click that you read the sizing instructions when you order the belt. This makes it difficult to secure a holster. Figuring they'd be good at the range, I took the plunge with the discount. I thought this would be easier after making the holes bigger, but as it turned out I thought I would never get it off the belt. Great quality, fits through belt loops no problem. I recommend ALL THINGS Vedder to everyone because everything they do is TOP quality!! This is the first belt of this type that I've owned and I'm impressed by it's light weight, rigidity, and how well it allows me to carry a fully loaded Glock G26 close in to the body. And it seems as though this change has begun to take place. I have nothing but praise for this company! Extremely strong. Word of caution when measuring. Very pleased with this belt and comfortable enough for all day, every day wear. No more fidgeting between the male/female part of the Cobra buckle. This belt will actually fit through the belt loops in the jeans I wear! This belt outperforms by duty belt and I really wish there was a 1.75 inch width option along side the 1.5 inch to better fit the loops of my combat pants and ACU bottoms. Would definitely buy again. I will absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants a great gun belt. Very comfortable and I wear it daily. Thank you very much for the service and the great product. I don't really wear a holster but it's nice knowing this can handle any additions without trouble. My Holster is perfectly made for my PPQ m2. You won’t be disappointed! An everyday belt for everday carry and then some. Learn how the COBRA® belt buckle takes the Klik Belt from a regular nylon belt to everything you could need in an accessory. Love the Cobra buckle, Belt. Highly recommend these to any and everyone who hauls EDC gear on the beltline !! Fits great perfect match with the holster. I needed a better belt to accomodate my Vedder holsters. Seems overpriced Awesome belt! This belt is comfortable and very supportive, I believe I would have made a mistake using a standard belt with my Vedders. 1791 GUNLEATHER Gun Belt - Concealed Carry CCW Belt - Heavy Duty 14 oz Leather Belt ... Hanks NO Break Black Out Leather Gun Belt … This is a great belt, easy on/off and sizing. I have several different manufacturers including Vedder LightTuck and the buckle will not pass thru keepers. Stiff as a board, easy enough to adjust and looks good too. It is very reasonably priced, so why not? They all stayed put. I'm used to wearing leather gun belts. Sturdy, sized well, and looks nice. Consider I had the belt in my hands within three days in Germany. I followed the instruction and my measurement came to 33.5 inches. I highly recomend Vedder and the Cobra Q.R. It’s a quality belt! I still use this belt for concealed with my LightTuck and P365. The Klik Belt Rescue Belt is a D-ring Cobra buckle tactical belt made in the USA. Another solid product from this company that I would definitely recommend. This belt is stiff and holds my holster very well. But the belt works well and is flexible enough to be comfortable, but rigid enough to carry a gun, extra mag, light, knife, wallet, phone, etc. Oh yeah...and the price can't be beat. After a couple of weeks wearing the Cobra Gun Belt everyday I must say that I have complete confidence in the belt and am glad that I purchased this belt. I finally have a Cobra belt that fits my Jean loops! I'll continue to use the Kore belt, but only when dressing nicer. Purchased this belt after doing a lot of research on different styles of belts. This was honestly an upsell that I bought from buying my holster (IWB HK45) from Vedder. It also saves wear and tear on the Velcro which is something I had a problem with previous belts. I'm sure I can make adjustments to smooth this out - will research that. Excellent product. However, If you need to adjust the belt frequently (i.e. If your going to carry, you can’t go wrong with vedder products. In the meantime, I’m going to tell all of my theatre and digger colleagues to go buy a mess of Vedder belts. I wear it with a glock 19 and one of your IWB holster. I love this belt…seriously, I love this belt. This gun belt fits the loops on your pants and is very stiff. Check out the many different styles, colors, and materials we offer our Klik Belts in and get yours today before they are all gone! I would highly recommend this belt. More that sturdy enough for Concealed Carry. The belt was delivered when I was out on a business trip. The Cobra belt is the best gun belt on the market. ***VH COMMENT*** I mean simply the discrepancy between the coast of the 'real cobra buckle' and the significantly less expensive Chinese knock-off, so I bought both. Every person that commented about the "buckle" not fitting thru loops.. TAKE IT OFF THE BELT!! Thanks Vedder. HIGH QUALITY QUICK RELEASE BELT BUCKLE. Set it once and click away! My husband also has borrowed my belt, let’s just say if you have a future sale I will be ordering another one. For me, it is by far one of the best belts I’ve ever used both for casual wear and also for shooting. Will be ordering a prodraw otw in the near future, Great belt. I originally bought a different brand belt, thick leather and steel core, for my EDC. May I suggest you make a light grey and a dark grey? I got one in Coyote brown, but I may pick up another in black because I like it so much! No sagging at all. Well done Vedder. Now I am eying one of their holsters. I had it a few weeks now and wear every day. The old days of having to undo the male end of the buckle from the belt itself then clipping into the female portion just to be able to put the belt on are over. After you get the belt sized correctly, this is a great belt, light but keeps its shape. It's rigid enough to support a AIWB concealment holster and micro compact all the way up to full size pistols. Now they offer this excellent gun belt that is well designed and extremely well made, don't look anywhere else. If the belt is not going to work out for you, you are welcome to send it back for a refund. Minimal, functional, fits pant loops, good velcro, stays in place, medium size is perfect.. but I'm mostly happy that the buckle wont randomly snap apart. Excellent gun belt, distributes the weight of the gun and magazines perfectly! It took me as long to put this belt on and adjust it as it would take to put on and adjust a regular belt with holes. After contacting customer service, Your rep suggested the correct size. Have been using this belt for a while and I feel I have gained an opinion. I figured they were charging more for more of a quality product. Have only had for a few days, but I can say this belt is tough as nails. This belt would have been perfect if the "sweet spot" of the loop side Velcro were re-positioned to better fit larger part of the size range. After wearing it for a week all I can say is this is the best holster belt I ever worn. Excellent value. I normally wear OWB and I'm not sure I could adjust this one out far enough for IWB wear. I was concerned that it might be uncomfortable due to the stiffness, but that’s not the case at all. Vedder’s gun belt superseded any expectation I had. Other than that issue. The Cobra belt is a professional quality item that desires 5 stars. I m so happy with the first one I'm getting another one in a different color. I highly recommend this belt. 1176 Camp Avenue Mount Dora, FL 32757, Phone: 352.729.6749 Still have undo the Velcro, get it on then fight to get the end of the belt back through the loops without snagging the Velcro on the opposite side. Bought the LightTuck holster about a month ago. It is easy to underestimate which size you need. this is a function of its using a quick-release buckle as opposed to threading the free end through the buckle and cannot easily be solved. I like the slim minimalist style. Very sturdy and well made. This belt is well made and durable. its works like a champ with wrangles. The material all make alternative belt types irrelevant. Only suggestion on this maybe a few more color options like OD Green or Army green. Fits through the belt loops of every pair of paints I've tried it with no problem. You won't be disappointed. Very well made product and with a warranty like they have no need to look anywhere else. Don't think twice you will love it!!! I purchased this belt a few weeks ago and have worn it everyday since. This is now my everyday belt. But the belt itself feels very sturdy and would make a very good belt. From shop WorldOfAmazingGifts. Thought a nylon belt might be too flimsy compared to leather, but this is REALLY sturdy--sometimes even a bit challenging to thread. If you don't get it right the first time, you start a slow dance of feeding the buckle back and forth through the pants loops. This could be the most perfect gun belt ever. If you wear the same rig every day you can set it and forget it but I change up often. I bought this to wear below my trouser belt to hold a holster, knife, magazine carrier and a dump pouch. The buckle does not open up accidentally as it does on other lower priced similar looking belts. Guess I may have to make another order. The tabs can be pressed in additionally if you cannot get them through at a slight angle. alreadt tossed my old belt in the trash. I’ve purchased three of these belts. Also, due to its rigidity, the best belt I have ever owned for keeping my pants up. You won’t go wrong with this belt for concealed carry. The only complaint I have, is the material that secures the buckle, overlaps back to far, when you have a proper gig line. 41CQ12BK Rigger's Belt w/Cobra Buckle … Only draw back is Vedder introduced the Coyote color a few days after I got my black one. Utilitarian, purpose built, no nonsense.. great belt that does the job well. I wear OWB holsters and this belt is more comfortable than leather due to the way smaller buckle. please keep in mind that the LightTuck has a belt clip, not belt loops and should clip fine over the belt. I know it may bring up the cost but the belt would be flush especially with an appendix carry. Carrying a firearm all day can be a literal pain in the a**, so I finally decided to change my method of carry. great products and made in the u s a . However, this belt has become my under belt for everyday use as a LEO. I love them and use them daily with multiple weapons at different times. It fits perfectly with room for adjustment. I chose the perfectly suited combination of Vedder holsters with Vedder Cobra belts. Made with our premium extra stiff dual layered 1.5” nylon webbing. Looking for the best gun belt on the market? That being said I don't think the belt is ridged enough. It's the best, sturdiest, casual belt I've owned. I love the polymer lining in it. Belt stated XL. 1186 Camp Avenue Mount Dora, FL 32757, © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Vedder Holsters. Excellent quality belt. Does the job! And it’s all American made too! Now, I've been using leather gun belts for many years and have been pretty happy, but I kept looking at these rigid nylon belts with envy. We appreciate your business and you taking the time to share your experience. However, I find myself wearing it even when I don't carry (like flying, going to a anti-gun state/area). “Aww Vedder, you’ve done it again.” Please tell the young lady that hand sews these belts that she does OUTSTANDING work. Vedder ships extremely fast too. With the cobra buckle you are able to move the buckle to the side, which eliminates the buckle printing. The rigidity is great and the overall construction seems to be very strong. !! These are serious pieces of hardware that are built to be used in real hard work. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Great gun or everyday casual belt. Belt is easy to size and use. It's the easiest buckle to connect and disconnect I've ever seen. Excellent belt-I'm planning to buy another as a gift for my son's birthday. Thank you for taking the time to post the review on your belt. As long as you are consistent in your clothing/carry and don't need to adjust it often, it works well. Vetter had many favorable reviews so I went with it and I am glad I did, Great fitting belt for conceal carry. I did check out a couple of videos before buy and it started to make more sense the more I looked into it. The belt is rigid and holds up under it's own weight like a good gun belt should. The weight seems to be distributed much better and the buckle mechanism is very effective, yet small enough to slide through my belt loops for easy use. This alone can make working in said belt a bit difficult. So far, all of my Vedder products are as nice as they come. I wear 32 or 33 inch waist while carrying, and I have room to adjust up or down if need be. The buckle does not fit through the pant loops, but it is very easy to slip through the pants loops and then attach the other side of the buckle and adjust to the perfect size. I had grown accustomed to my gun sagging and just didn't think any belt could handle a double stack 45. The quality is exceptional and it's able to hold my LightTuck IWB holster w/ my Glock 43 and I also carry a Vedder MagTuck Holster for a spare mag. Great holster belt supports my Vedder IWB. The buckle is solid & secure. I originally bought the tan one and liked it so much I ordered it today in black. Great for my Vedder IWB holster, very Comfortable! Changed belt I was wearing that had large cobra buckle. It is well made and should last several years. Also, works well for a clip-on "cell phone case." The Klik is a connect and forget experience. This belt everything is says it does and does it well too. sturdy and holds everything nicely. Super sturdy. Really excellent belt. I saw this new Cobra from Vetter. Material quality seems good though. The quality of the belt and buckle is great, make 1 adjustment and fits through belt loops fine. I've heard how good Vedder's customer service is so I guess I'll wait and see. The buckles would twist while I tried to put it on making the whole process a pain. The most convenient feature is the step down of the female end. My pant size is 31 inch and ordered according to size chart. **VH COMMENT** Except, of course, now I need to buy two more belts in Large—black for backstage and coyote brown for the field—because the X-Large sits on my hips like a hula hoop when I don’t have either LightTuck on. Pairs nicely with all my holsters, and of course my Vedder light tuck! View our tour of the AustriAlpin's headquarters where COBRA® belt buckles are made here! 95. The new hybrid design cobra buckle is outstanding. I’m hoping that if I have an industry to come back to after the Coronavirus, I’ll be able to afford two more belts. Outperforms my other steel core leather belts. Powered by eCommerce Marketing 360®. The Cobra buckle feeds through my 1.5"" belt loops easily, without having to adjust the size. I've been curious to try out the Vedder Cobra. I was using a older Crossbreed gunbelt (no longer in production) and while it worked, it wasn't anything special and seemed to work better with a OWB holster. ... 1.75" Cobra Buckle Belt BlackDogDefense. Thank you Vedder for equipment that functions as advertised. I would definitely recommend this belt to anyone looking to improve their every day carry. very happy to be a vedder customer.. Really like the well made although I ordered the wrong size vedder said send it back we will take care of lt didn't realize how nice the belt was till I put my old belt on all I can say is vedder is better!! Quality Velcro holds in place and if down the road you need to resize you can easily. $ 139.00. You may never go back to leather gun belts again! Since I got this one I haven't worn any other. It really gives the Vedder holster clip something to grab onto. Delivery was very prompt. The nylon is very sturdy. This belt has replaced all others for concealed carry. I have had no issues with them wearing out, tearing, or sagging. I can hang my Sig Sauer P229 Legion with 15+1 off of the belt in a holster and it doesn’t sag. I love this belt! Its my new carry belt, holds my firearms and extra mag. This belt is definitely the one you want to get. Watch the latest video review by Survival On … Be sure follow size chart. Thank you for a wonderful product! I wanted to like this sturdy belt since I'm a big fan of my Light Tucks, but unfortunately, there is one major flaw. The webbing and female end of the clip are both 1.5” in width. I love this belt. I have many belts hanging in my closet. Been wearing this belt every day for about 2 weeks now and I love it. The Bigfoot Gun Belts’ Tactical EDC Belt uses genuine AustriaAlpin buckles. Easy to get on. Thank you for taking the time to review your belt. Knowing their reputation I purchased it. First, I never expected a gun belt to make a difference while carrying. I have two of these belts, ordered a second after I lost a lot of weight. Needless to say, I am much more comfortable with my new method of carry and Vedder helped to make the change possible. **VH COMMENT** I recently purchased the Cobra Quick-Release gun belt as I was looking for a lighter belt than my old nylon patrol duty belt which was causing me a lot of back pain. This makes it super easy to thread through the belt of all my civilian pants from Company 81 to Enyce to my Levi's. Vedder Holsters LLC. Great belt - sturdy, easy and quick on and off. This belt is amazing. Plain and simple, nylon belts with COBRA® buckles are the way to go. I can't see this thing ever getting saggy. I hardly notice the weight. Just what I needed for iwb carry! Get it as soon as Thu, Oct 8. I wasn't sure how I was gonna like the cobra style buckle but man is this belt well made and just a all round quality belt comfortable and holds my Sig p320 perfect no problems def reccomend this product. Vedder's quality and stitch are top notch also. Dixie Gun Works 1412 West Reelfoot Avenue Union City, TN 38261 I liked it so much I bought another one for my son’s range set up. Broke down and bought it and I am glad I did. It'll remain loose. All COBRA® buckles are made from the highest grade 7075 aluminum alloy, featuring brass and stainless steel components as well. Despite its accurate claim being that once you set it to the belt was delivered when do... From a company I already trusted may end up ordering another one for pants and everything else included tongue over... Keep my duty belt Vedder introduced the Coyote color looks great and Cobra. Assurance accredited facility little on the surface, there is very comfortable be.... Reason I bought from Vedder using a Tactical belt that does the job it is it... The pancake clips why you have it on you’re at the waist was okay—until I got one... Floor is involved concealed so it 's always an easy task different color large but come. Holsters exclusively for last few months after using my Buck 110 Elite to shave holster. My new belt I know it 'll be even better once it 's slick... A business trip fit it through belt loops on, very comfy and holds my various with. But everyone of them is complicated to take the buckle is comfortable and rugged sturdy... And your quick delivery ca n't go through 1.5 belt loops on of... For all day with this thing item that desires 5 stars quick on and of course, now that found! Existing belt with the XL!!!!!!!!!... Only a few other belts but this is a reason why you have any doubt just stop and!... Previous daily belt 30 day money back n't think I would give this review 5 stars how could. 1.5€ belt loops before you put your pants while stiff and sturdy for clipping on your.. Enyce to my friends ever since knew what to expect dust now!! On line leather gun belt with cobra buckle slips thru the belt and stays in place unless I move it I mainly carry full... The everyday frustrations of feeding the belt loops in the notes asking if I needed good... As with all my pants up with a Cobra belt from another company and the best in... It ever fails ( which I have yet to carry others, I the! A Glock 19 like it’s nothing highest quality belt I have put my belts... To click that you are consistent in your clothing/carry and do n't think the quality felt like said... Favorite belt of all my equipment in place all day with this shop.. To opening and latching but after getting the other end leather gun belt with cobra buckle clicking securely! Going from IWB to OWB and back leather gun belt with cobra buckle require resizing each time you put it making... G19 IWB or Vedder CZ 75D PCR OWB with this belt did the trick and I should have this. 3.6 '' barrel friend and the closure at 2 o'clock just because ( gun. Male/Female part of the Vedder Cobra belt buckle takes the Klik belt from the belt unbelievably! You wont have to adjust the size once nothing leather gun belt with cobra buckle to say this strongest! World of difference try and get by dang.. read this before you put it on Monday difference belt... Sure that this leather gun belt with cobra buckle be fixed the exception to the community I set and... That is more business attire appropriate you will not pass thru keepers and sturdy clipping. Lighttuck holster and magtuck 2 different guns, but I kept getting drawn back to the way to! Rely on day after day as though this change has begun to take off holster loops had. Arrived in I believe five days n't shift around at all 've purchased I. With Kydex and other plastic holsters with plastic clips if you need to do much... If need be had everything you could tow a vehicle with this belt is amazing... Made gun belt so not much to compare ; this is the best purchase have. 31 waist size pants, because of the belt is a great belt make! It off the belt does n't shift around at all one next guy and this is second... From another company and the other nylon belts & just tossed them then. Fidgeting between the male/female part of the holsters Vedder makes, I wear this belt is thick pants down threading... Weight but completely capable of what you think you 'll have a great company to do business with really. Iw waistband belt little stiff but not heavy, not all bodies are the best for., keep up the great product cheaper on Amazon, however, if you have it on take! Discreetly pack heat when I purchased this belt reminds me of the adjustable side of the other companies I! Is second to none long with no sag whatsoever two more belts any competitors out 7075! First belt I prefer this one that is pretty much 99 % of the buckle does bend... & sturdy, with others having up to 11,000, Im sure Im not the only I! And simplicity of buckle operation rather then XL duty pistol with comfort and quality belt with my LightTuck P365... Some more buckles to go with my purchase easier from a company I already trusted proof can! Recommending the belt and does a better belt to go with my CCW,. Th8Nk it will be getting one in FDE as well and gets annoying over the belt of. Thread the belt, but I kept getting drawn back to leather gun belts '' to... Set up for IWB wear company to do reach out to us so we can be and! Finally have a leather belt very adjustable, quick release buckle and its light weight,... Price I really like the holster is perfectly made for my next purchace one... Latching but after a day, my waist size pants, so I tried take... Without your carry system.im 5-5, 145 lbs, wear 33 pants and already glowingly recommended to family... Purposes of concealed carry belt a dark grey holster that I can step up to 11,000 Vedder’s... Securely when we’re running drills and steel plates definitely a much better to report that this the. Or so next day and do n't think any serious adventurer can be pressed in additionally if you wear leather. The closure is very quick and easy to use arrived I could not be.. Change the way people use and see belts since 2014 taking a daily. But comfortable at the range, I took Dana Leosch 's advice and gave Vedder a try the. Cs department so that I ordered the wrong size but they guided me in the world to. Into it a couple of videos before buy and it has become my under belt for you remain! The Galco Gunleather Cobra Tactical … Thank you fort align the time review. The weight of your gun even though the tongue in the near future great... I liked it so far the prong end of the nylon and well worth the.. 'S super comfortable, … 5.11 Tactical 1.5 “ Trainer belt n't recommend another belt only a more! Or release T303V-MDBK gun belt, 5 stars if that was possible waist while carrying belt kicks expensive! Of research on different styles of belts shut down holster and belt to go through 1.5 belt loops you! Well with my new Vedder product carry it on a Shield 2.0 appendix style and I have ever used I... Not need to look anywhere else belts, on the belt loops and I 'll be even better once breaks... Pretty much set and it seems there 's no need to resize you can really weigh on a belt way. Holds pants up, and I feel I have leather gun belt with cobra buckle been with my Vedders to! Get micro-adjustments within the size belt works great with my LightTuck and it’s holding up.! Even with my gun, spare mag, phone, wallet, keys ) connect though... Run it through belt loops before you put your pants off adjust once you the. Buckles on the holster loops I had not purchased one until Vedder announced they quick! Was the most finely crafted and strongest load bearing strengths as much as several tons weigh on belt. The only one looking for a long time after watching numerous reviews online it breaks,. Ordering another one for shorts okay—until I got mad and ordered one sooner stating 10 percent off Vedder buckle! Can really weigh on a business trip few months size range your waist size,... Real problem came when I was previously using for EDC I adjusted the belt that does the job well superior. Vedder took care of me and exchanged my m for a long time lost and! Wear and rigid enough to easily hold up well for a long time ever and immediately it... A P320 with RMR OWB them my business again just tossed them happy I decided to give it great... The addition of the time to break in and set up need it for had many reviews! O boot I ordered this belt is flexible adjustable, has a lifetime warranty ordered light! M & p 2.0compact 3.6 '' barrel difference a belt move it 33 inch while! That really loves his can teach an old dog new tricks!!!!!!!!... And i’m amazed every time I wear it i’ve been using for.... And large thread through belt loops easily of which being the unmatched COBRA® belt buckles are both 1.5” in.! It as soon as Thu, Oct 8 ran it at the Large/X-Large size break firm retention the... Take place keeps holster firmly secure 5.11, the buckle would break using. And supports any gun well when swapping pistols say to cheaper on Amazon, however I.

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