Please observe the manufacturers' recommendation that any work on the pumps should only be executed by experienced personnel with the following qualification: – for mechanical work, for example change of ball-bearing or of mechanical seal: qualified mechanic. Informácie o protiprúde Super Sport II:. BaduJet is Treadmill swimming at its finest level and is now convenient and economical. BADU®Jet super-sport Einbau-Gegenstrom-Schwimmanlagen Submerged counter swim units 1) Schachtbreite min. 2 General Description The BaduJet super-sport II from Speck Pumps has been designed to be installed during the construction of your pool to create a water treadmill for anyone wanting a therapeutic and effective exercise. That’s why 95% of all swimjet systems installed in America are made by Speck, 2-Year Full Manufacturer Warranty on pump motor and seal. 3 Badu®Jet Imperial . Upgrade to Blue or Multi-color LED lighting to add an eye catching and creative glow to your pool emitting from your swimjet system. “SPECK PUMPS” BADU Jet Series Swim Against The Current Systems Made In Germany New England Patriots NFL Shoulder Pads 8" X 7" New Orleans Saints 24" Beach Ball. All installations must comply with federal, state and local laws. The BaduJet super-sport II incorporates two recessed jets. BaduJet Super-Sport II Jet System - 4 HP Three Phase System w/ Rectangular Cover . BADU Jet super-sport The Badu Jet System acts like a treadmill in the water, offering unlimited long distance swimming. Informace o protiproudu Super Sport II:. With a Badu SwimJet System from Speck Pumps, any pool can become an aquatic workout center. 12 2 Unterlegscheibe, d = 8,4 x 24 mm, A 2 Washer, dia = 8.4 x 24 mm, A 2 13 1 Dichtung, 60 x 11 x 2 mm, mit 3 Bohrungen Seal, 60 x 11 x 2 mm, with 3 holes 14 - 20 1 Kabelschutzschlauch, kpl., bestehend aus: Cable protection hose, cpl., consisting of: • The Badu Swim Mirror helps the swimmer stay in the “swim lane.” Features. It’s instant proof of quality. The BaduJet super-sport II can be installed in any type of pool, large or small, from gunite to vinyl liner. Protiproud je určen pro instalaci do šachty za bazénem. De her shorts giver en super bevægelsesfrihed, og så er de udover at være lette at tage på, også yderst komfortable. BADU® SwimJet Systems. It allows you to manage your SwimJet’s pump, lighting, or other accessories, via the internet from anywhere in the world. BaduJet Super-Sport II and BaduJet Imperial. Consult your physician before attempting any strenuous exercise. Protiprúd je určen ý pre inštaláci u do šachty za bazénom. Today, we’ve put a new spin on an old classic by designing the BaduJet super-sport II. Volume control, ON/OFF button, and LED Light are conveniently located on the face of the jet housing. The mirror can help you perfect your swim style and make your workout more enjoyable. Badu®Connect from SPECK Pumps gives you a convenient way to manage your Badu® SwimJet System & Pool. Som standard leveres denne i hvit plast. I-GO2 Sport Pet Carrier. Title: S_1-108.2008.pdf Author: mac01 Created Date: 5/3/2011 9:42:25 AM Why Badu Jets? The BADU Swim Mirror is the perfect addition to any BADU SwimJet System. Badu Jet® Super Sport II SwimJet System . We're the Swim Jet Market Leader!German engineering. Vestavěný protiproud lze ovládat přímo z … New Orleans Saints Grill Covers. BaduJet Super Sport Is the top of the line swim current system today and is the highest level offered. Distributed in the UK by Golden Coast. The self-contained, flush-mounted unit is a jet-propulsion system that pumps water into the pool creating a current in excess of 5,700 gallons per minute from a recessed jet housing. You control the degree of workout you want. Flush mounted, plastic housing. Swim, play, exercise, relax — the benefits of the BaduJet super-sport II are enjoyed by all ages. Badu Jet Super-Sport Jet System 7 PRODUCTS TO CHOOSE FROM BaduJet Imperial. Also, there is a massage hose that can be attached to a jet nozzle that produces a pulsating, refreshing massage. Great for therapy, low impact exercise, swim training, swimming in place, and just terrific recreational fun for existing pools. The ultimate all-in-one dual nozzle system, the BaduJet super-sport creates an aquatic workout center, a virtual water park. Lighting Equipment Speck pumps BADU JET Installation, Operating And Service Manual 16 pages. At Badu Sports we provide top quality PE specialists, who mentor and develop the children and young people we work with, while simultaneously extending their learning on matters both within and beyond the classroom walls. The full featured Badu Jet Super Sport offers suction and discharge in a unique, patented, one-piece dual nozzle housing.

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