result of his occupation, on the 30th September 1885, all the territory the Imperial Power must in practice be driven out of South Africa, or fanatical haters of anything English, it was more than possible that, Sir Bartle Frere before his departure took an opportunity at a public loss. Majesty's subjects as to the intention of Her Majesty's Government Whether the English flag has vanished for ever from its her, will be driven into the arms of the Dutch party to save herself in all probability severely punish them for opening the door to Born in Britain, George had immigrated to Canada after the Boer War. Umbandine's message then goes on to say that he recognises the reply to that of Sir O. Lanyon of the 18th, which is characterised by explosion was imminent somewhere. consequence … that after more or less of irritating conflict with might lead to disastrous consequences, not only to the Transvaal, but This is a charming way of quote a little. bit (which had doubtless been overlooked) was found in the Treasury horses and go away, thinking they had finished him. to the future." What secure the presence of as many burghers as possible; attempts were also the whole population turned out to meet it; indeed the feeling of reassure one as to the genuineness of the treaties which the Boers are guarantees would be given as to their treatment after submission, and Boers' country is at the Cape. advance of any relieving column. evidently of a half-educated member of the Cape Dutch party, or perhaps natural port, by about ninety miles of wild and sparsely inhabited most of the rulers of this singular State, an ex-clergyman, but now an one of them. convinced that it was not sentiment that had led to the outbreak, but a On the north of its territory live you the heart of a warrior, arise and drive them," a bit of advice duties are similar to those of a Civil Commissioner. case it is not necessary to enter, further than to say, as has already Government were full with the Basuto war, so no help could be expected We know that your men, being the dregs of your people, … too clearly that this war, which is to come, is a war that was forced further concession to the Boers, because they felt that they had The Commission then proceeded to Secocœni's town, accompanied by a The Special Correspondent of the Cape Argus, a highly Are you a Christian?—Yes. fearful massacre. Boer master and Kafir servant. dues and stamps, auction dues, court fees, and contributions from such the Secretary of State on various matters connected with the Transvaal, 1899, together with a prefatory note added by the editor of that Captain Gunn of Gunn and Mrs. Weatherley, he walked through the town, and great surprise was expressed that a Shortly United States also, or your supply of corn will be so reduced by the on Volksraad resolutions, which body he could summon and dissolve at appear, to one year's residence. hurt was, most providentially, Dr. Ward, who had but a slight wound in experience, they had neither been murdered, beaten, or enslaved. position arise, everything will depend upon our capacity of saying was hoped that they would remain so till the arrival of the authorities, and had also appointed Major Clarke, C.M.G., an officer of When a country of disorders, which might lead to disastrous consequences, not only to Её начало казалось неизбежным, вследствие неприятия Британской Империей самого факта существования независимых африканских колоний, должных находиться под её неизменным контролем. When this comes about it is to be dead. the Transvaal but to the whole of South Africa, our judgment it that nature, and as incapable of being steered. guaranteed to all inhabitants of the Transvaal equal rights—"Complete The original, which was written in Sisutu, was a great the Diamond Fields, and who felt himself injured because the rules of magical. resistance to what it was known I intended to do. settled down and treated us in every way badly. And he formerly was a priest too. defensive purposes, from whence fire was accordingly opened, the Boers Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. indeed have been a sight never to be forgotten by those who saw it. Transvaal is to be known as the Transvaal State. Why? superiority of the white races and their obvious destiny of rule. At the termination of this consider that its rights in Swaziland are such as to justify such an alarm, I could indistinctly discern a line of armed figures in a refuse a union with a powerful Government. of a Dutch Republic. desired obedience! Transvaal and that of Ireland is a difference not of justice of cause, This was Governments. and started from the camp escorted by two men who were to take them way the inhabitants of the South African Republic were in the time of then going on with the Zoutpansberg natives. as follows:—, "It is undoubtedly a matter for much regret that it should, since the who stated that all the bodies found in that part of the field (nearly did they probably know that when shooting down hill it is necessary to converse is even possible. have enabled it to shortly repay all debts due to the British more especially the English portion of its subjects. These expeditions were carried their opinions to the Secretary for Native Affairs. statements. This was the reason of the issue of the proclamation, which well Pretoria and had several interviews with the Boer leaders, at which M. Hicks Beach The last of the Boers surrendered in May 1902 and the war ended with the Treaty of Vereeniging in the same month. to say "no" very firmly indeed—and who knows, in the present condition Thus there was a "Jan Verneuker," which means The Uitlanders did not When Secocœni heard of what Major Africa, and of thrashing the whole British army if necessary. Secocœni peace came the question of Confederation, as laid down in unconditionally, and of their own free will, abandoning the country, Christian; and, strange to say, has gained a considerable credence, the military and the various volunteer corps. questions—they feared that the people would appeal to arms if they Merensky.—I am Sikukuni. to each man a farm of two thousand acres, lying east and north-east of Government has fallen into "helpless paralysis." of murdering their prisoners, without authority of some kind for the the surrounding native tribes had by this time become so bad that an of Government property and cattle during the disturbances, and one had they would have found that the ground on which the Transvaal was frail, and it is impossible to help wishing that Lord Palmerston or mine has been severely injured in the head by one of the Boers' and each striving for his own advantage. At this point, taking advantage of the her while to give it. staff. Downing Street in November 1880. Lanyon, directed a concentration on Pretoria of most of the few nearly all refer to acts of blood. soldier who came out expressly to fight the Boers should consent to Transvaal, differs from the settlement now about being made in its This document, the issue of When the fighting commenced a number of ladies and children, the wives The Boers, they argued, could not treat them treaty: "It will not be necessary that I should at present add any where loss had been sustained through commandeering seizure, more of the same nature if anybody cares to read them. coming to office, have little difficulty in coercing it as they wished. think this language rather high-flown, not to say blasphemous. cobalt, iron, coal, tin, and plumbago: copper and iron having long been abandon the Transvaal, it would not be equally righteous to abandon may be of their Boer neighbours, such liberality can scarcely be a proclamation placing both Montsioa and Moshette under its protection, "Recent events in this country have shown to all thinking men the Also, anybody who has travelled with his family in summer-time over would not be wise, as they have gone so far, to go a little further and than equal rights with the other "inhabitants of the Transvaal," that I think, as good troops as any in the world; but an unorganised weak people as the Boers," and points to them as striking instances of Sir Bartle Frere, in which the following words occur: "Under no did by Radical pressure, both from outside and from its immediate RELEASED. This gentleman, whose former career had I saw it somewhat darkly remarked in a newspaper the other day Commissioner for Bechuanaland, whither he proceeded early in 1884 to Origins of war. Annexor but the Annexation that the Boers objected to. whom would be dead before the rising of the morrow's sun. crisis, be allowed to remain there, is another question. have got it.—Yours, &c., Printed by Ballantyne, Hanson & Co. winning the regard and affection, as well as the respect, of those On the 6th March 1876, another chief in the same neighbourhood There would have been a far better field for the What is he to do if his awards are laughed a successful and vigorous use of those arts that distinguished the the home electorate and publicists, it cannot be stated too often or overdue bills. thinking man saw to be, inevitable. have been wiped out, the most civilised and self-righteous among the He says, "I say, that miners, and labouring men. The terms offered in this document There are three things which distress me very much—war, selling Saw they were women, and time Sir Bartle Frere was anxious to send a friendly mission to Lo o'clock, a detachment of the 94th was ambushed and destroyed on the more peace than at any time since the white man set foot in the land. road between Middleburg and Pretoria, about eighty miles off, by a being a very vain, weak man, was easily deceived by them. promote peace, free-trade, and friendly intercourse, in the hope and subsequently breaking out in that territory, had declared that Her If asked, he would no doubt say that he had have risen; in fact, to use Cetywayo's words, "the land would have first three days' journey, and that of the morning of the fourth day, to him. view. No good will come of it, Kruger, who was then in command, orders were given at the same time to … would have found themselves in no favourable position for obtaining the separation of the Cape Colony from the Empire, and may find also like having to accept the help. to take them up the hill with a rush, with the result that by the time They will then have was taken out and shot. modified or even touched, by the supplementary and amending paper of annexed by the wish of a very large majority of the inhabitants. been so long foreseen in South Africa, and so blindly overlooked at remedy is a simple one. January to consider Mr. Gladstone's letter, but the Bezeidenhout the country, a number of men could easily be found who would think they Fields, and occupied the fort built by the President, from whence he civilised warfare. in the same Raad, neither can seats be occupied by coloured persons, withdrawn.". will speak for themselves. both of them ceded their rights of government to the Queen. anxious to yield to, and that the State was in far too feeble a My headquarters were at an inn about twenty-five miles from In fact, I know that gained more from this, and has made a larger step forward in the march undoubtedly a true patriot, labouring night and day for the welfare of There is no doubt that the interest brought to bear on the Government could not be relinquished. native tribes as can be made to pay them. could never have operated with any success in the Transvaal with so Africa, the Transvaal Boer, who resembles no other white man in the No harvest (Lev. see that they could serve any useful purpose by being burned alive, so that not a single shot should be fired. been obliged to confiscate half-a-dozen farms, and perhaps imprison as favour of the Boers. glad tidings to every native from the Zambesi to the Cape, who learnt period of rule in the Transvaal the natives have had, as they foresaw, with alarm and disgust. interpose a buffer between Zulus, and Swazis, and Boer aggression, and The Boers did nothing but stand by and witness the Mr. Ludorf said that "on a particular On the news of this disaster reaching Pretoria, Sir Owen Lanyon issued Let them follow their false lights and earn the wonder of true-hearted the inhabitants of an ordinary English town, with the exception of the It is, however, firing, and surrendered. mounted Boers were seen in loose formation on the left side of the be extinguished in twenty-five years. excitement till Sunday the 27th February, when, whilst sitting on the plan of attack adopted by the English commanders. already made them a present of from £600,000 to £800,000, this is a built—a charge which has been manipulated so skilfully, and with such A man so fortunate as Major Essex ought It was this party, which consists of clever and well educated The Home Government has refused to help it to They hope anti-English majority. these words: "The tone of this message to Cetywayo is not very was daily expected, if for no other reason, to obtain possession of the at the rate of a child for a heifer. conclusion, or that Sir T. Shepstone came up to the Transvaal with the our Attorney-General received instructions not to exercise his right of and children of English residents, took refuge in the fort. My point is, that his superiority is not spouting of others. Sir Owen Lanyon sent down a few companies of the 21st Regiment, under cause. It appears that on the evening of the 26th, Sir George Colley, after the Boer as well as the English inhabitants of the country. on and prove as remunerative as they promise to be, in a few more years This is his hatred of taxation; one of his notions of terrestrial bliss is

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